Privacy policy

  • About the acquisition of the personal information

I acquire personal information by inquiry forms appropriately without depending on means of false other injustice in our site.

  • About the use of the personal information

In our site, I use personal information as far as it is necessary for the achievement of the following use purposes.
When we use personal information in the purpose except the purpose that is written below, we perform it after having obtained the person's consent beforehand.
(1) Answer to request of the estimate, answer to consultation, sending of reference documents.
(2) Reporting about seminar information and various services.

  • About the security control of personal data

In our site, we take necessary and proper measures for the prevention of leakage, loss, or damage, and for other security control of the personal data.

  • Abou the protection contents of the personal information

In our site, when there is request of the disclosure about the personal information from himself/herself, we disclose it immediately.
At the time, we do not accept disclosure on this occasion if the identification is not successful.
We do not disclose the personal information without permission of himself/herself to a third party unless the bill is decided in the Personal Information Protection Laws.

  • About the change of this policy

The contents of this policy may be changed.
About this policy after the change, the policy shall produce effect since we placed it in our site.

  • About system

In this site, we observe laws and ordinances about the personal information protection and other models and carry out appropriate management of the personal information and continuous improvement.

  • About other items of note(disclaimers)

When the link to the sites from this site and email to a third party is put, because they set a rule about the protection of the different personal information of us in the linked site, we will not bear full responsibility.
About the use of the site of the third party, please review Privacy policy of the site of the third party.

  • About a question and inquiry about the personal information

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please send a question or inquiry about this site from the form of "Contact us".

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