Welding machine 〈V-Belt drive Type〉 YANMAR

■ TSW Series (200E~330E)
Welder Welding current (AC) 60~200A 70~270A 70~330A
Rated current (AC) 150A 250A 300A
Rated voltage 30V 32V 35V
Welding capacity 6.0kW 8.6kW 11.6kW
Rated use 70%
Frequency 220~240Hz
Rated speed 4400~4800min-1
Welding rod 2.6~4.0mm 2.6~5.0mm 2.6~7.0mm
Auxiliary power (Light only) 1.0kW 1.5kW
MODEL TF-120M(E) TF-160E TF-190RE
  • Engine
Continuous rating Output kW 7.7 10.4 11.9
hp 10.5 14 16
Fuel consumption(at 70% load) ℓ/h 2.2 2.5 3.0
Fuel tank capacity ℓ 11.0 14.3 13.7
Dry weight (kg) 230 345 490

                                               Electric start   (E)

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